hello everyone..
km1 monday: 60 min
km1 tuesday: 60 min

good job donette! i was just watching the folks do their zumba thing yesterday on my hobble over to km1 yes

this has been a rough week. my mother was in a car accident last week. car was totalled but thankfully she was unharmed. reckless driver cut in front of her just about 1/4 mile away from home. my uncle passed away monday morning. he is one of my mother's younger brothers. his cancer had spread and it was heartbreaking to see him in so much pain. he was a wonderful uncle who always made me laugh because of his deep laugh and love for family heart and then my father in law passed away yesterday morning. no he was 81 yrs old. he was weak and refusing to eat. arthur is in shock but okay for now. my mother has been weeping so i've kept her busy and kept close tabs on her. i am numb at this point. and it's okay that way for now.

i am trying to keep it together..but this week has been a devastating blow to the family.
many cheers to my ka friends! hug buggy