Hi Team! clap

I have discovered something AMAZING. I didn't want to commit to a $200+ fitness watch, so I bought a $30 model to see if I'd use it.

Well ~ It is so cool. It reminds me to move every hour. I'm getting so much more done.

It also counts my steps each day which has given me a baseline for how many steps my body can handle before my feet/ankles swell up.

This is super convenient because I can plan my days around how many steps I need to take vs. how many I can't go over. For instance, I know that my work in the afternoon adds up to around 3,500 steps, so I can't hike my favorite trail that day because that's 11,000 steps which is about my max for one day.

And I've figured out that if I swim (gently/slowly) for about 30 minutes after a 10,000 step day I'm much less stiff and sort the next day.

Anyways, GOOOOOOOOOOOOO TEAM!!! cheerleader

ANA+ RF+ Rh- HLAB27+
Dx JRA 1967, GAD 1997, AS 2009, HMs 2010, CPS 2013
pulmonary edema w/ NSAIDS 2009

Movin' it so I don't lose it!