awesome mella! so it's tai chi you do? cheerleader
we do a mother load of pushups and situps--same amount as you! cheerleader but they've taught me better ways to do them without harming my back. i can do the men's pushups. took me a looong time. i had to do women's for months. but i've learned to work through my breathing. soooo much heat though right now that it's physically draining me. no
went to class today and hands felt like jello! no

oh, i dont know what ldn stands for and not a stupid question. i believe it's an alternative med that some of the ka folks here use to treat the AS monster. perhaps someone here will jump in soon to explain better than buggie can!

anywho welcome! glad to see another martial arts kickas member! belt 5 thats awesome!!! cheerleader i am just on km level 1 --hope to be out of weenie hut jr. soon and on to level II as soon as I am able... laugh2