I surf and it's the best thing for AS, my Dr's encourage me to keep it up as it moves all the right parts of my body without over doing anything, as you lay on the board it forces you to lift your head keeping a nice and healthy arch in your back and neck. Legs and feet are also kicking so you're moving everything at once. Getting up on your board using you arms then moving your body into a crouch then finally standing is good all round movement.

Ok it's not ideal for people with AS who are landlocked, but if you're near a lake and know someone with a board just go for a paddle for 10-15 mins+.

If you enjoy sea side vacations it's obviously going to be summer and warm. Warm temperatures, vacation, surfing, relaxation = good head space (low stress) and full body movement helps keep the pain of AS away.

I've recently had really bad inflammation in the rids, I haven't been surfing for 2 months, last Sunday I had an hour in the water, now my ribs are sweet!...for the time...:-)

Give it a go!