Tuesday stats:
KM CB: 60 minutes of pure torture. eyes
Had Rube today as teacher. Great instructor...ferocious. lol
I need to get a knee brace though. I have such a hard time with my knees..years now. I tried a brace Arthur got me but it wasnt give me correct support. May have to go skadoodling around for one this week.

Anywho..I survived and am on an anti starch night...a big bowl of spaghetti..and i dont care pffft!! laugh2 laugh2 i think i deserve it. laugh2

Goooo team!! windy nights lately...hoping for yardwork soon..i have one shrub that got's to go...but i dont know if i can do it without arthur. he's outta town and i'm pooped out with 3 crazy buggies! we shall see!! roll