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Thanks so much for your fantasticly helpful reply!
Exactly what type of class are you taking Tink? Is it a bootcamp or cardio?

This is a hard one... there is a different class every day and every week the classes change focus.
Sometimes I go to the muscel reinforcement class and sometimes the fitness class.

The reinforcement one is actually the class I find harder. The instructor seems to work one side of your body quite hard before changing sides... she is pretty relentless actually! I stop long before each exercise is complete. Upper body exercise (especially arms) hurt my neck and upper back very quickly. Leg exercises aggrevate my lower back and buttocks. Impact like jumping jacks, as you call them (yes I do mean those when I say star jumps! heehee) hurt my ankles, knees and feet. This is the class I find the most helpful for stretching my body out but the hardest to modify. As part of the floor exercises toward the end you lie on your tummy and raise your head, and lift your arms, feet and knees off the floor at the same time... I mean who can DO that? Also sit ups just kill my neck and upper back. I don't do enough to get out of breath! lol (this might be due to C-section with 3rd child - stomach muscels are maybe too weak).

This all sounds very negative, but in actual fact my AS is very good at the moment generally... when I am not pushing myself too hard (or going crazy diet wise). Some of the exercise seems to be helping me and some making me worse... so I am trying to take things VERY gently to try and identify what works for me.

The Fitness class is in the main part cardio. I can do this OK but not when it is jogging or running on the spot etc (as mentioned). It is easy to slow down the pace and modify the exercise in this class, however.

Breathing is a HUGE part of all the classes. The instructors constantly remind you to breath properly and I think this is excellent for me and am feeling the benefit a great deal.
When you are out of breath stand upright and put your hands over your head or crossed behind your neck. You get more oxygen that way as opposed to what most folks do which is lean forward with hands on knees. yes

Great tip, thanks rainbow

What do 500g equal to in lbs? I use 1lbs or 2lbs.

500g is equivalent to a 1 lb weight. I have discovered that the arm exercises we were doing with the weights hurt me without the weights!!! So have abandoned these for now!

You really inspire me with your KMKB, I love the discipline of going to an exercise class yes
Since I was a young girl I have always enjoyed tough physical exercise and pushing yourself through pain barriers etc and stretching yourself and your endurance. But (AS aside for a minute), I suppose I am out of shape, anyway, since having my 3 children. I was already doing Yoga, water aerobics and a fitness class before I got pregnant with my first child (and my AS was in remission) so I carried on with these classes well into my pregnancy (under the strict guideance of my instructors). After the birth of my daughter I resumed the fitness class only. From my pregnancy with my second child, having my third child and until quite recently, I have only done swimming (during the warm months) and nothing else regularly... although with 3 children 6 year and under I am always on the move one way or another! lol

For this reason, I realise that I am going to find the classes hard anyway. It is the fact that my main AS sites are getting aggrevated that concerns me. Am I making these areas inflammed/is my AS flaring or do these areas just need working on to improve them? I am obviously not expecting you to answer that question! I am going to consult my doctor about this. To be totally honest, discovering the extent of my limitations is quite a shock... I am really quite a newbie as far as my AS goes in some ways, you see. I was in a state initially, then NSD turned my life around, I was in remission while I had my children and now it has come back to bite me. I kind of feel like I am learning about my AS all over again. Don't mean to sound like a spoilt wassit - I just want to help myself with exercise and I'm confused crazy eek2 smile

I started a thread in this forum to discuss this topic and will take on board your points too, thanks so much for your take on exercise classes - being someone who takes a KickA$$ class herself! I really appreciate it.
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