Have spent the best part of two days searching for gyms and fitness centres. Ah-Ha. Found two, both do a pretty good range of exercises, including, dada...Pilates! One is 49mins away and the other 45 mins away in the oppowsite direction. So, doable. Will go check em out tomorrow.

The classes look to be fun.

Have chucked in the hospital PT. Waste of time. Almost each session was with a different PT person. No one had a 'plan' to follow, it was left upto the staff person. So, no plan, no format, no protocols. Not wasting my time any longer with it. Grateful to have been shown the 'hows' of saving my rotator cuff shoulder, but owt else? Hmmmmm. Nuff said.

Sigh of relief, no more idiot massage sessions - and then *always on the side that was not much affected. Honestly, couldn't invent it. Why am I always left having to cope with such ineptitude?

Roll on the gym sessions and Pilates. Woo-Hoo

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS