well, almost made it home today for a walk, but mother nature intervened with a thunder and lightening storm, so took a nap on the couch for 2.5 hours when i got home. so good to be able to crash like that! means my body is finally adjusting to not being in that horrible pain anymore!

tomorrow have chiro at 5:30 pm, so should be home in time for a walk!

think though as it gets dark earlier and earlier will just have to plan going over to the gym at school before coming home. they have a track which is always open but must climb several flights of stairs to get there and that was really messing up my SI joint 2 years ago when i was trying to do that. they have another track downstairs in a multipurpose type room and its closed more than its open, i need to talk to them about that! or just might have to go back to the recumbent stationary bikes instead, that's not a terrible thing to do, though i prefer walking. also plan to get a recumbent stationary bike for home very very soon so i can do it here when i get home even easier. told hubby i want that and a treadmill, he said to pick one, i know he's right.


Spondyloarthropathy, HLAB27 negative
Humira (still methylprednisone for flares, just not as often. Aleve if needed, rarely.)
LDN/zanaflex/flector patches over SI/ice
vits C, D. probiotics. hyaluronic acid. CoQ, Mg, Ca, K.
walk, bike
no dairy (casein sensitivity), limited eggs, limited yeast (bread)