OMG Sue!! clap All th food you mentioned is making me hungry again.. lol laugh2

What Pete did last year was break up the people that signed up for it into 3 groups of 25-30 people in each class. After 30 min they'd take a quick water break and rotate to the next class. Some are easier than other. The hardest I would say is bag and kettle bell. But I was way too lazy from the turkey feast to get outta bed. Ma'bones hurt too much this morning and the blankets refused to let me go! laugh2 So I skipped class! I was hoping to go walking today but went and bought a basketball for my son to practice at home, and a usb flash drive at Walmart GASP spook with Sofia. We found one at Office depot instead! Crowds were much quieter today! heart We didnt dare touch black friday! roll
Go Sue! Go teammmm!! cheerleader