Wed Stats:
Krav CB: 60 minutes
Making an appt with doc tomorrow. Right thumb is so swollen again. We had rain last week and it eased up but its back with a vengeance. eyes Ahh, what else is new in the life of a KickAS member eh? I barely peeled myself outta bed in time for school today. Kids were great about it thankfully. rainbow Stuffed myself right now A-gain with leftover spaghetti. Not sure whatsa matter with bug...tired? I ate a big lunch. pain..always. Lost my inner chi? possibly? laugh2 Found my mojo? YES..thats it! yes Hubby is still outta town and buggy is plumb worn out...big time! sick1

Go Steve [orch], go sue, erika...go team..woo hoo!! cheerleader cheerleader