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walk... and upper body stretching
...Upper body stretching for me now!...

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I just don't understand the inflexibility of my neck and upper back. This is what I mean...I do a set of neck movements and I lay flat on my back. When I first lay down the head doesn't touch the ground as it sticks there at about 1 inch off the ground (it was about 3 inches before I started getting treatment). Then in about 10 minutes the head finally makes touchdown. I sometimes lay in that position while I watch TV. Then when I get up my neck is now stuck straight. And then within a few minutes it relaxes into a position with some bend. It is the same way with the rest of the neck movements...as I hold the flex the neck moves more and more into the flex. I like to find something that explains this condition more. I wonder if this is a precursor to fusion.