Well sporting folks..bug pulled her wings up..dusted them off..and i DID it.
I am officially a KravMaga level I student! I'm so excited. I went to try it out today. No stress on joints. Self defense and I was a nervous wreck! eek2
All the girls had partners when it was time to team up..I had to find someone ..ended up with a gentleman that was very nice and helpful. 2 instructers in there and they ask our limitations, etc. Very accomodating. One showed me how to open my stance more because he said I was a skinny little thing and with my stance wider I wont be knocked over. So he had me do it, then shoved me to try to knock me over..and my wings were still standing. yahoo! cheerleader

After class I explained to him. Said he remembers me from KB class and that if I can handle KB class and SURVIVED Petes all in all out basu, etc then this will be a-okay! At the end they said..testing on the 21st...we'll be ready! WTH!!!?? ROFL!! eek2 They put fireman's hoses around our waists, and had to pull forward to hammerfist a rectangular self defense target bag. I was a sight to be seen!! floor They would have our partner pull us back. The other hold the target. My shoe flew off TWICE. LOL> I quickly put it back on and kept on chugging...lol

He said I did great and I can come all I want. The students were all nice cept for one giant guy that when we close our eyes and get attacked with choke hold and have to defend ourselves..he racked me in the groin, then in the chest then realised i was a girl! crazy he was supposed to open his eyes and SEE first like they said. THEN when it was my turn later and he tried to choke him i got to hits in and he said "okay okay...thats enough"..and pulled away super fast! I was not pleased. Turd is all I have to say! hmpf!

So onwards buggy goes..maybe a belt or two in the near future! I am so happy. I am not hurt because its not direct contact on each other only on target boxes and a good sweat....so I need my Rocky song next...lol

KravMaga Level I 60 minutes. cheerleader