Please add my 2000 yards for today!

But today was special, added something that we've been talking about for over a year now, first with CC, and a few other times as well

I finally tried my underwater headphones that I got from Marsha on my birthday!

And it was really really cool!! yes

I already had the underwater housing for the iPod, bought to protect it from accidental droppage into the hot tub (learned that the hard way... doh )

So before getting into the pool, I strapped the iPod on my arm, put on the headphones, and hit the play button. It didn't sound very good, kinda tinny, but I wasn't expecting much, these are completely waterproof ear buds, remember..

But then got underwater, really thinking that something terrible was going to happen, the music would just fizzle out, or I'd get an electric shock or something

But as soon as I was completely immersed, the bass in the music came in, and they sounded full and rich!

Let me tell you, it is very weird to be swimming underwater, on the bottom of the pool, holding your breath, and listening to Peter Gabriel sing "I Go Swimming" !!!!

(The way the earbuds work is that when underwater, the water actually seals them in to make a better fit, and then magically the low frequencies can be heard)

Can't wait for a day when it rains here, nothing will stop me now! angel3d angel3d