we had a maxi pionus, thought of naming him max, but that would have been too obvious for a maxi.......so he was spunky..........though found out he was a she.

but mookie really is a he. had blood work done to find out.

we did that "feed him a treat" at his new basket when he shied from that. but when he's really afraid, that doesn't fool him, best thing is to have it in his vicinity for some time. its been a few days now, he still doesn't like it.

here's a typical "african grey" response when they decide they don't like something:


actually kinda funny, you'd think they were being tortured to death. when they get it in their mind that they don't like something, forget it! but i do think its good to push their limits in as kind and gentle way as possible or they never grow.

like mookie doesn't like to be touched in the back, especially his tail, so we handle him every day, just a little touching where he doesn't particularly like it and a lot of touching where he does, like rubbing his neck and head and face, he loves that. he now lets me put him under the wings, something he hated in the past, now trusts me enough to do.

and then like you mentioned, the things they love, very odd. for mookie, he has a fetish to bottles, all different kinds. especially the plastic water bottles we drink out of, especially if they have blue caps. he'll fly into the foyer, and just sit next to the water bottle on the floor if we let him. and then of course try to feed it like it were a baby bird.

for spunky, it was toes that he treated like little baby birds.

they sure are funny!


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