Good evening folks!
Tuesday stats:
Krav M Womens I: 60 min
Lordy! I learned how to pluck off a choke hold and buck off a 240lb man that was also padded in class today crazy! Using only our hips roll! I was so sore from the weather. I almost tossed in the towel.

Our male attacker/instructor is a big guy. He taught my class the day before. I thought.."I'm toast" laugh2 Actually it's amazing how strong a women's hips are. EVEN if they are arthritic with plates and screws. Because the attacker leans over with simulated choke hold that gives the woman the upper edge to pluck the hands down and thrust hips up and toss him over or roll him over. Then hammerfists to face and groin. He was fully padded. We had our female partners first. Then onwards to male attack. Last attack was the hardest. But I got through it. I came home hobbling and proceeded to show Art. He was chuckling. I told him to apply force. He was still laughing. Until I tossed him over me and he flew over me. laugh2 laugh2 Do NOT try this at home. LOL. He was stunned. Because there was no danger in my back. We had two blankets on ground. I simulated strikes. He started laughing afterwards...he was shocked. He said "Honey, it's safe to can take care of yourself from female AND male attack" laugh2

Very useful for single women to learn in case of a date gone wrong = date rape attempt or flat out violent attack from a male or female. We had about 20 women and it was great. They were all sizes and arthritic, healthy, or what not health issues..and they all were able to get through it!

Last free womens class is next week then it's charged. I think i'll be adding it permanently and keep the krav I too. I told Art to beware of these mighty chicken wings of mine now! laugh2

GOOOOOO TEAM!!! cheerleader