Buggie is back. Hectic day of back to school for 3 buggies-!

Monday stats:
KM I: 60 min roll
KM CB: 60min

Have a new self defense partner as well! cheerleader have my other buddy that i know already that is doing the cb class but i met this lovely lady today who joined me as a partner and we exchanged numbers. She said it was the most fun she's had since she joined the sd classes! rainbow We worked quite well together and our instructors were fantastic today. Learned quite a bit. Found out they now test 2x a month. I have to have my km pants and tshirt/mouthpiece and the other protector pieces dont apply to buggie! laugh2

All in all a rather fruitful day....tomorrow i'll b flat out on my back! laugh2 Off to go to sleep and nurse my bloody knuckles. Wrap not enough for the wrath of buggie today..hahahha! floor yeah right! laugh2