Hey Buggie
Your post made me laugh!
I think for those husbands and fathers who are not usually part of the daily routine, it is like the first day at a new job - where you don't know where anything is or what is expected of you!

I'm interested to hear you say you modify the cardio part of your class according to what your body can handle. Would you give me an example?
I have been struggling with my class too, I sat out for some last night (when it was stretching on mats that I could not do) and just marched on the spot for other bits (when they were high speed jogging and star jumping etc) is this the sort of modification you do you do something different?

I have ditched my weights completely for now (they are 500g) and have discovered that even just going through the motions without weights is too much for my back and arms! Oops! I think I may have slightly over-estimated my capabilities in this class!

Buggie likes intensity and things that help build endurance

... me too! But am going to have to calm down a bit and let my body catch up with me! Even with some modification I found the class heavy going last night... not going to give up on it though, not when I have so much room for improvement! grin

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