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i will admit i was completely frozen with fear when i tried out the free class. i thought surely everyone would notice my boney back and rolled shoulders and gait....but they didnt. and they were very kind and allowed me to work at my pace. as long as we never stopped. and never gave up...and i havent. i refuse to let this disease dictate my life. i love my life. i love it more since having AS. i took it for granted for so long. when i got sick i realized how special it truly was and i have a zest for life and all it's challenges. roll i wake up and am still a bony rigid mess. i'm hobbling by 2-3 pm and go downhill from there. BUT every day i wake up and tuck and roll out of bed is an accomplishment within itself! cheerleader and with all of the support here...we can go nowhere else but up! clap one hobbly step at a time...but it's a step nonetheless! laugh2
take care friend!
That has got to be the theme statement for all of us! It sure has an impact on me. Thank you my friend.