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Ha, ha! Don't know why one person would want nothing more than to climb to the top of the highest mountain and look down, and another would travel the world and swim in a variety of pools, but think it is fascinating that they do.

The crucial difference here is that while the wild man standing on top of the huge jagged rock obviously lives to climb, I swim to live. yes

I have hiked many mountain trails, but I stay on the trail. There is not, you may have noticed, a trail on that jagged rock.

And OMG, rocks in the Sierra? Ever heard of sloughing? The Sierra is made of granite, and it's been upthrust so the layers slough of almost vertically when the earth wiggles. California earthquakes + huge sliding slabs of granite??? Veeewwwwyyy scawwwwyyyy wabbit!

But whatever, ya'll g'head! wink2

Anyway, gotta give everyone a loud Go TEAM! clap

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