i know what you mean about the walking; even last fall with my upper back / rib issue, couldn't sit or lay so i walked, and walked, and walked some more. it was odd, who ever heard of an illness where so long as you're in perpetual motion, you're better!

as for the upper back and neck flexibility and biking. my husband has a disc problem, leaning over the tenspeed was bad for his back/neck, so he took the bike in, got upright handlebars put on it, has helped his back/neck a lot. i've also seen those rather funky recumbent bikes. but you do ride a bike sometimes i've noticed, is that a different bike? or is it the road bike and it just hurts to ride it.

i'd say be patient with the exercises. i slowly saw an improvement when i was always doing the exercises. now back to them again, except anything requiring my wrists, after 4 years of injuring it, the left ulnar wrist is only ok if i don't stress it, so that means bands, wall pushups, wall and corner stretches are all out, but i've been doing my spinal twists on the floor still, and using gravity by laying on that foam roller, that's helpful. maybe a short course of PT? could that be helpful? soft tissue work, joint mobilization, and the right exercises?


Spondyloarthropathy, HLAB27 negative
Humira (still methylprednisone for flares, just not as often. Aleve if needed, rarely.)
LDN/zanaflex/flector patches over SI/ice
vits C, D. probiotics. hyaluronic acid. CoQ, Mg, Ca, K.
walk, bike
no dairy (casein sensitivity), limited eggs, limited yeast (bread)