Well done Tink.

Found the gym - well, GPS found the gym! Almost an hours drive. Sleeting rain, ghastly in places.

Nice gym. Seems a sound bloke running it. Met a pleasant French lass, who has spent 13yrs in the UK, she is an English teacher, teaching adults. So had a great conversation and she was my able translator with the proprieter of the gym. Who, BTW, knows AS and has had spondy adherents to the gym programme! He is going to take me under his wing. *Insists I start 'slow'... They have Pilates, and I will start with the beginners class (see how it goes as a long time since I did owt). First day at gym, this Friday. Greeeeeeat. Really looking forward to it - but NOT the drive!

Hideous drive back in pitch darkness, and flippin GPS took me all the back roads: lakes, ditches, twisty bends...murder. In future will ensure I am NOT driving in the dark - am hopeless driving in the dark. Really unerves me (and no doubt others!)

Watch this space for Friday...dada <VBG>

(I'll be *carefu Tink, dinna worry me lass. hugss)

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS