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#1 AS Web Support Group Jump to new posts
Re: Electromyography (EMG) test Magician 09/29/22 04:45 AM
Hello everyone! Today's date is Wednesday, September 28/2021. I am still patiently waiting for Carpal Tunnel surgery. Our hospitals are horribly backlogged. I do not personally think my surgery will happen until next year. No worries on my part. I would rather a patient needing heart or eye surgery or any other major live-saving surgery take my spot. I can patiently wait.

Do not know why hospitals are experiencing such struggles but I know we are certainly not alone. I suspect it began quite a while ago silently eating away at our medical resources then further helped along by Covid-19.

Friday, September 30/2022

So today is an entirely new day. It is also the very last day of September 2022. Soon it will be an entire new month. Who knows what this new month will provide for each one of us but rest assured KickAS will always remain here as a very special community.

I will be heading home soon to spend a couple of weeks with my family but rest assured I will be coming back.

I am struggling with my own writing issues, too. Mine are of a different sort for I am struggling with doubt of my writing prowess. Have to admit I do know success is within my reach but the human mind (mine!) is really putting up a battle.

Come back fellow KickAS'ers. It is still very lonely here. Before I forget I want to wish all of you a wonderful Happy Hallowe'en! Don't eat too much candy, eh!

- Angie -
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#1 AS Web Support Group Jump to new posts
Re: The mechanism to full remission of AS? Inanna 09/22/22 09:34 AM
Robin, your thought are interesting. I would point out to you, however, that AS can develop in childhood. I know I was showing early signs by the time I was 14. I ate an extremely healthy diet, was active and young. And at the chiropractor for the pain in my back. Other members here developed it at a younger age, as well. It is genetic, don't forget, and tends to run in families. As does the Crohn's Disease that I also live with. Both come down my mother's line, AS on on her father's side and Crohn's on her mother's side.

I do think there is a gut link involved, but I could hardly have been showing signs of that at age 14. When I say 'healthy' I mean 'uber-healthy'. No refined anything, very small amounts of red meat, lots of fresh veg and fruit, no cakes, no cookies, no potato chips, no candy, no pies, unless it was a special occasion. There was no 'trigger' for my Crohn's as there were aspects of that that I experienced as a young child (recognised in hind sight, which we all know is 20/20); although I did slip on black ice when I was twelve and landed on my tailbone, which I've often wondered was the trigger for the AS.

As to ibuprofen ... again, in my own case, I was not using high levels of pain killers of any kind as a child and young adult. That didn't start on a regular basis until I was in my late thirties. Not that I didn't need them; just didn't take them on a regular basis. I already had both Crohn's and AS fully blown by the time I was in my early 20s, but it flared then backed off. As a student of performance and dance, I injured myself all the time. I put my pain down to that. You have to be taking a lot of ibuprofen for quite some time for the gut to be impacted. I am sorry to hear that you feel it triggered your psoriasis. It can happen that way, I've read.

Considering that the ratio of male cases to female cases of AS is about 7:5 at this point, I'm wondering about your comment on pregnancy -- I do realise you were having a bit of a joke, but it indicates that you think pregnancy is a trigger? It might be for some, I suppose. But I've never been pregnant, so it doesn't apply to all.

And there is my cautionary note. Your case of AS, its progression, its triggers, is yours - nobody else's. Sadly, my triggers cannot be 'removed'. The AS and Crohn's are with me to stay. I have never achieved full remission, despite everything I've done to help myself. Some people do. Perhaps you will be one of those and I hope so.

Love and light.
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#1 AS Web Support Group Jump to new posts
Re: Ankylosing Spondylitis is Manageable Inanna 09/15/22 02:06 PM
YAY ten points for me!!!

25 for Magic Angie!!!

and minus 85 points (imagine Stephen Fry's voice) for 'Alan Davies'. :-D
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Helpful Tips Jump to new posts
Re: antibiotics and pain relief L33 09/15/22 01:03 AM
Greetings Guys

I bit the bullet again and tried antibiotics inspired by Jstdiven above and the Roadback foundation.

Since I know bacteria is responsible for triggering A.S first hand and by, I decided to try Antibiotic protocol again as recommended by the roadback foundation.

As I read the pdf of the AP I realized where I went wrong previously in my attempt to use antibiotics.

Plus now I have my hands on the recommended antibiotics minocycline after paying an arm and a leg since I'm unemployed. AT least my doctor gave me a free prescription for the antibiotics on a 6 month repeat.

My AS is very severe and I was on crutches for like 2 years 3 years ago, I have kyphosis and posterior pelvic tilt at now age 39,

I have made more progress in 2 weeks than in 3 years, by taking Minocycline 100mg 2 x day morning and evening.

I am really shocked that with little exercise, stretching, lying on my back for short periods, has drastically improved my posture. My spine joints are starting to crack up and loosen.

I did have lots of pain in the mornings but after reading the Roadback foundation AP, I now know that sometimes ( most cases) is a good sign because pathogens are dying in the GUT can cause inflammation which is worse than they are alive, aslo true for other parasites, and is a temporary thing.
After pushing forward past this period, there will gradually be less pain/Inflammation so I'm in for the long haul.

In the meantime just by seeing my back staitening up so fast I really don't care about the temporary flare.....

I would highly recommend trying antibiotics because its cheaper alternative than immune suppressing drugs, with a lot less side effects and targets the root cause of disease
And not just treat (burry) the condition.

I strongly believe myself the we with AS have a chronic infection going on.....

Just thought I would share,

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NSD and diet-related; Jump to new posts
Re: What did you eat today?? hawkman 09/14/22 09:19 PM
I do my best to avoid the starch of course . A spring mix salad with tomato today so far for me .
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#1 AS Web Support Group Jump to new posts
Welcome Rstone! Magician 09/05/22 03:17 AM
Welcome Rstone

Enjoy reading and learning from our knowledgeable posts made by our incredible Forum Members, past and present.

But first do be sure to share a little about your journey to KickAS and what brings you here. If you have a question don't be scared to ask it because this is the #1 place to ask!

Thanks for joining!
- Magician -
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