yes sue...sadly my hands are still a wreck. i do NOT want a steroid shot there. the one in my big toe last year was traumatic enough thank u very much! laugh2

i've never had tendonitis...just super stiff hands. no muscle tightening. just feels super stiff and they are red at the knuckles when i wake up for about 1/2 hour or at night when i wake up to get a drink of water. they feel like someone is stabbing the little joints with an ice pick. sharp sharp pain. just like my thoracic. dreadful. thankfully my feet have been okay...touch wood! wink for now its the hands, thoracic and costochondritis in FULL force in my face. pretty sad when your little ones are up before you are getting ready for school. they love breakfast tacos so i make them the night before and wrap them up and voila...warm them up in the morning and it makes it much easier on the days i'm super dragging. which is NOW! laugh2 and every other day. laugh2

such is the life of a bug with a spondy monster trying to kick her down every day...bug's not staying down without a fight. wink2