The bug is baaaack. lol. Dragging and suffering succatash...thoracic is testing my patience!!
Wednesday: Power Cycling 1 hr.
I have no idea how to measure how many miles that is. Anyone know how to figure that out? It's like spinning supersized!

All I know is that it izzzza hard!!! Resistance changed constantly, hills, standing up, sitting down, tapping up and down...AND fricking weights...l. 1-3 lbs but yipes! Last but not least pushups while power cycling! Muyah! I survived....figured I needed some variety..shake things up. Tonight in recovery unit! aka my bed, pillows, motrin, soma and norco close friends!! laugh2

Tomorrow...mayyyyybeeeesssss Petes class....if not KB and save myself for Pete's class saturday.
Nite folks...good work fellow sport AS kickers!! clap