Modesty is all very well dear gal, but those mus'cules you is displayin are plain seriously GOOD. An you can flip a big bloke over your hip - great stuff. Would be fun to know 'how' to do that. Nothing like it near to me though. Sigh. You'll need to demo to those kiddies of yourn - they need to realise they got a real toughie of a mom, don't mess wiv mom kids! stern

Over here? Coooooold. We've had feet of snow, then non stop rain washed it all away. The chucks aint amused... Friends on their way back to the UK with 4 dogs, one cat and 3 horses were told, no horse boxes permitted on the UK roads, so they are here for the duration. This was after all the good-byes, parties, tears etc etc. Quite funny, but at least they are all safe. Of course, the dogs are happily playing muddy havoc with cleaned floors - and all the rest!

Let the floors dry an then the dirt can be swept up - or put down newspaper for the nonce. Am a great believer in newspaper. Very useful - then you can light the fires with the paper (IF you have an open fire that is...)

Take care Buggsie - don't do too much cleaning, life's too short! hugss

la Moll :holly2:

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS