You too! Ahh..u are my kickAS sista!! hugss
I enjoy jumping's the only thing that seems to keep me focused and steady...even though my legs look like crazy chicken legs when I'm doing them but I stay steady. Art (instructor) is insane about them....4 left jabs....4 jumping jacks, switch 4 right jabs, 4 jumpings jacks in sets of 10, then down to 3's, 2's then 1. ack! eek2

That is too funny about the spanish!! laugh2 I know when I had my first colonoscpy 9 yrs ago...and I sit up after the procedure and ask my hubby where is the Doc? Hubby says you already spoke to her hunny. I said "what? when? I havent spoken to anyone!" He said "honey, um...she showed you the images, and she explained everything and you were in good spirits!" roflmbo! laugh2

I went for a scope around january I think and i did it again. I see my doc a second time and she tells me ...keep up with the krav! you're doing good! just be careful! i thought what the hay!??? lol i did it again!! laugh2