Hi everyone,
I can't sit at the computer today but just found this thread on my BB phone.

I'm not sure how this works, but I've been working in the pool for 5 yrs now. My classes are Mondays & Thursdays although I can't always make it to both classes.

Should I start counting from this month or can I add up last month too?

I don't swim, I can only work in the deep end now (I used to do walking laps in the shallow end but it was counter-productive to say the least!) but I work very hard when I can!

I couldn't make it to the pool yesterday but I spent one hour working on Monday Feb 28. I spent one hour last Monday as well. Can we count that too?

I wish the weather would stablize so I can do a little more...I'm sick of riding this particular roller coaster called 'changing weather'. LOL!

I will start posting my hours with the rest of you.


PS, I am in awe of you people who can run, ride bikes, etc... smile

Lillibelle smile