Have you seen the threads on the radon mines here at KA??
That is where I learned about it and found out the Montana one was a four hour drive from my house. I had a 5 week remission starting on around my 2nd day there. My one and only remission.

If you have the opportunity, I WOULD GO IN A HEARTBEAT! I've read online about the ones in Austria at Bad Gastein. There are a couple of people here on KA who go every year, and that is their ONLY treatment for AS. I begged for my family to go to Montana again this year for fall vacation, but alas, I lost and we went to Bear Lake instead. Which was fun, but I didn't get a remission if you know what I mean!! lol. The owner of the Montana mine told me I really should have come back six months later for my 2nd visit and then I would have likely been in remission for 9-12 months. At the Montana mines, you only breathe the air and drink the water. In Austria you sit nearly naked down in the humid steamy mine and have treatments emerged in a full bathtub of water drawn from the mine. So the "real" radon spa experience exposes you to more of the radiation. I am still very grateful for my Montana experience. I read a book by Ed Hiserodt called "Underexposed, what if radiation is really good for you?" That put my fears at ease about the toxicity of ingesting radon on purpose.

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