Thanks Sue..and Erika! grin
Ok..bugs not on a swim team. Wish the km center had a pool but mostly gyms only have it.
Yesterday : Light jog 2 miles at my kddos high school.
Hobbled home after that. So humid even with it cloudy out
Today: went to KM center and went for more torture at Pete's all in all out class. it's 1 1/2 hrs of insanity. My 2nd time.
Jump rope light and drills for 15 min and intervals of one armed pushups with medicine ball
then off to ropes they use for rope pulling have a partner stand on end of rope and you do an "S" motion with each arm. TOUGH...wanted to cry...
AND of all things when we did situps with medicine ran out...guess who I had for that and the self defense punching ?! PETE.the owner! I held my own..thank GOD!! finished off with gymnastic rings and steppers to lean on for pushups, pullups without it and dips.
about that time i wanted to cry out "Mommi! Mommie! spook
Mommie!" spook
But I survived. Check back with me tomorrow...last time it took me 3 days to feel my shoulders and body again.
I am a sick bug for torture!
But I feel good now!
Thats all folks..! Luv bug