Ah-Ha - found some pics...!! Only taken me an hour... Sent em over to you Dow (aren't you lucky then? <LOL>) This is all soooo frustrating as I fumble around here, trying to work out computer stuff. Case of *Chronic bread brain over* here I tell ya. Ah-meeeeeeeee

Just tried photobucket - it 'said' free...ha, not! Gotta pay. Will keep on trying under the search: 'free photo sharing' as per yr search criteria. This will take forever plus that one day (at least!)

Free Photohosting - said the photo was too big? Give up on that one then. Can't resize, sooo Will try summat else, 'when' I've attended to the chucks. (Tell ya this is a right flippin lark! Fun - NOT - GGGRRrrrrrr)

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