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How Uncle Norman was the first person to ascend those mountains without maps, I'll never know

Oh I know. I wouldn't think of going cross country without a map and compass. LOL...maybe even a GPS if I was actively doing it now. Even with a map it is hard enough. I was at the head of a canyon where it broke into three other canyons. It was still spring and everything still had a layer of snow at that elevation. So the trails were covered. I took compass bearings over and over to make sure I was about to pick the correct canyon.

Maybe your uncle made his own maps and detailed notes. Or maybe he just kept it in his head.

Aaaggghhh!!! That makes my stomach hurt just thinking about being up on that jagged pointy rock! I am not that kind of hiker, not at all. Trails are my friend, rocks are scawwwwwyyy... eek2

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