Wednesday stats:
Krav CB: 60 min.
Got my body served back to me with a side order of fries! sick1 I didnt go monday or tuesday. Was busy registering my wee ones for Sunday school..or rather CCD on Mondays really. And I'll be going on Monday nights for adult refresher classes. Arthurs off so he'll join me too! heart

Weather has been awesome. Warmer days today and tomorrow but boy was the weather sweet. Bubba should be able to start joining me for walks. I think I'll take Art with me on Mondays or go during the day. Weather is too sweet to pass up! heart Just wish my thumb and hands were cooperating. They are a royal mess. Hoping to get into rheumy soon. Just had so much kid stuff to get done and kid projects! rainbow

Goooo team!! cheerleader clap