Hi Eerika - no, not gone to gym nor to PT. Vile weather here closed us in, and not doing the hour drive in this lot! PT turned out dire. Every time a different PT person an only one seemed to know 'vaguely' what they were about. All most frustrating. Was at the hospital today to pick up ortho shoes. They are terrific. Saw PT doctor I/C, he is going to try and ID a pvt PT fella for me, but not this side of C'mas. So, we wait with bated breath...

Meantime, cleaning out chucks daily, doing a few stretches. Left knee seized up, been darn painful, slowing me down even more. Desp to get 'moving' but bits of me keep giving up! But we shall *overcome <VBG>

I told my neighbour about yr adventure in the exercise jacuzzie yesterday - he made some ghastly unrepeatable quip...am afraid that we were all laughing. Wonder if I've put them off swimming pools etc now! Shudder - shoot, I forgot to tell the doctor of yr wonderful 'find'...he thinks I'm weird for refusing to go anywhere near pools, public or otherwise! HaHa - but who got the last larf!

Heigh, great news re yr no hole in heart. Terrific C'mas pressie! Take care now :holly2:

MollyC1i - Riding OutAS