Hellooo Erica... I found your note and have changed the title of your top post. Nice thread you have going here btw! smile

Not sure I can play, um, unless swimming in a river last Sat and Sunday counts but I have no concept of what the distance was... from the 'dock-rock' to the falls and back, twice, x 2 days... ahhh but with flippers on! And half lounging on a swim noodle! laugh2 And I mostly just floated back on the current ...does that count??? Maybe you could add it to Dow's floating time! lol

I cannot swim in the river without flippers! Well, I can, but it's not nearly as fun and is a chance I might drown if a snapping turtle startles me.

Sue I cannot believe you are walking and biking in this awful heat! Cripes. I am very cleverly hiding indoors in the cool AC.

Go team!