now we're talking sue!! why thank you little lady!!! i love it!! the owner plays it when we do the 1 min rounds in KB class when he pops in to kb class about once a month *quiver* sick he also plays that one that say's "lets get ready to rumble..." laugh2

thanks sue...its been a whole year this month since i slowly started. still cant stretch worth a hoot. still crab-walk..but i'm alive and breathing and actually have some muscle tone. something i lost when i had my back surgery and the AS monster when it went full blown. i just wish i were more coordinated. i'm a mess. they were 3-4 moves at a time and i'm like what???

they had fireman hoses they'd wrap around our partner would hold you back, the other had the target mat and you had to pull towards and hammerfist it...i was a jumping bug! lol. i bet the guy holding the firehose was laughing his head off behind me! laugh2 but hey i tried right?

and yes ma'am..i certainly dont see why ice cream cant are using your biceps to lift the spoon and then your jaw muscles to open and close while eating the ice cream..correct??!! laugh2 roll that takes work! i know art would vouch for that..he loves his ice cream! i treated myself to some nice cold watermelon when i got home. heart

i am having a great time. the instructors are great. real life scenarios and good exercise but no stress on my joints at all. i asked before and one of the ones that remembered me from kb said i'll be great since i survived kb and petes class. they encourage you so much you cant help but want to give it a shot. gianna is at about 95% ready to join me. but she wants alot of young un's in her class..and there is. anyone over 27 is ancient to her! eyes so i'm a dinosaur at 41! laugh2

i am so happy we have this much happening....its exciting! even if we are hurting or sore...i'll be a lifeless dishrag in the morning..but right now i'll jam to rocky's song. lol
thanks for posting it! made my day!! cheerleader buggy hugss