Hello fellow sporting kickers!!
Monday stats: Krav CB: 60 min

Managed to peel myself outta bed. Meant to sleep in but every friend, doctor, and pharmacy was calling and blowin' up my phone..so much for sleep!! mad2 Art is not the most organized hubby in the mornings with the wee bugs. He tells me to sleep in b/c it's his day off..but kids cant find their socks...he has to come in to ask. Kids cant find their jackets...come to buggie again. Kids want modified breakfasts..which I DONT do..lol...he's back yet again! doh So i got up and went to the noon class after cleaning up the house a bit.

What i did see was a new class that i'll be trying out hopefully this week. It's Krav 3x. I had seen the 3x bag that I didnt care for. Too much cardio and I could barely keep up. Back and joints dont do well with it. But this one has one of my fav instructors and it looks great. They had them outside when I pulled up. They were doing tapping on the curbs like we do in CB class. And they were having them do short sprints. The days are beautiful now with the sun out and yet still cool...so Gianna said next week she is joining me. She hasnt signed up b/c she was sick the past week. But she loves outdoors so it will be fun! They do 20 min of that, 20 min resistance..which u can use a resistance band..soft ones to whatever level u can handle and 20 minutes weights..but u can use as light as 1-3. so it may be worth a shot. Buggie likes intensity and things that help build endurance. Todays class was alot more cardio. Still CB but alot of cardio that I had to modify because my knees and hips cannot handle it.

Hoping to get back on track again with my schedule. Holidays are around the corner so I want extra room for tamales, menudo, ham, turkey, mashed potatoes...pecan pie..u get the picture!! laugh2

Anywho's...goooooo team!!! heart cheerleader clap heart