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three deer ran across the road not too far in front of me, then stopped to check me out, or frozen in fear, not sure which; not sure why, when i see them several times a week, i still think its exciting.......of course not as exciting as seeing a bear, but i think that would be just a little too much excitement!

I sometimes run up the canyon not far from my house. I see deer up there by the road. A few years ago a teenage boy was killed by a bear in that canyon, but not near the main road. I am always afraid of seeing a bear when running in the canyon, especially when we start before dawn. I do love that run up the canyon.

wow, a brave man!

i avoided our back field for my walks and stuck to the side of the road this summer due to a rather large snake population that has erupted this year. on the one hand i know the snakes are a good sign that we are doing a good job naturalizing the area. on the other hand, i just don't need that kind of stress while out walking, as i go partly for exercise, partly as a form of relaxation. now that it is cold, and snakes are in hibernation for the winter, can once again walk back there so long as the snow isn't too deep. they're just garter snakes, but snakes are my one true phobia, i've partially overcome the phobia by owning a cornsnake (that hubby handles, not me) but still not completely recovered.

we do get occasional bear sitings around here; they wander up from the more isolated areas of NY state. one has been sited a few times in a wooded park just a few miles from our house. fortunately not the really aggressive scary kind. has been sited along the erie canal trail that we love to walk and bike along. wouldn't be surprised if she/he ventures into our back field at some point. it's quite well naturalized. when we first moved in 7.5 years ago, just a few ground hogs and a few types of birds back there. now we've seen: warblers, garter snakes, deer, rabbits, fox (momma and babies in a den along the hedge row), skunk, opossum, turkey, ground hogs, and heard coyote.


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