My stats are:

Wednesday 25 August
Swim 360 metres

Saturday 28 August
Walk 1 hour

Monday 6 Septtember
Gym class 1 hour

Monday 13 September
Gym class 1 hour

The gym class I have joined is for the seriously fit! (which I am not). It is the one day that is great for me though!! The first lesson I made the mistake of trying to keep up! It is mainly about core strength, muscle toning, core strength and stretching.

It was concentrating on legs the first week and arms the second. We used 1kg weights and I realised pretty quickly (3 or 4 arm extensions) that I cannot lift that much weight in the ways they wanted me to!! My neck cannot cope! I did lots of breathing instead. Will just remember to take things at my own pace and leave the hand weights out of the equation!

Happy exercising everyone!

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