Good evening friends! :holly2:
Tuesday stats: Womens Krav: 60 min

Wednesday : Nada con Nada with a side order of zilchola! wink roll

Looks like Krav is going to continue on with womens self defense krav classes after this week! yahoo! It was an 8 week trial period to see what kind of interest there would be. If anyone has seen "enough" with Jlo=--well thats what we learned. I havent seen the movie. But she trained in Krav to prep for the movies character. Had a great partner. Breaking a choke hold from front and all kinds of good exercise.

Today I woke up feelin like crud. We've had MORE rain. Not steady enough though. Just enough to keep things muggy and ikky and pressure changes killing my ribs, clavicle and neck. frown Neck has been sore for 3 days now. sick1 So I decided to pass in class today. The good thing about this new womens class is that they will be incorporating levels I, II, and III techniques!! Without having to test to pass to the next level. Mix in techniques! I'll still take the co-ed when I can so I can test in a few months if my wee bones can handle it at that time. roll

Meanwhile this weather has my skin so dry--use the lotion but my back gets an itchy spot...well toss in sore joints, and there is NO way I can bend my arm back to reach the round of my shoulderblade! arghhhh!! mad I was a roly poly bug in bed trying desperately to reach that tiny little itch! Sofie finally came and saved me! laugh2
New Years is around the corner and I cant believe another year is about to pass us by!! Goooooo team!!! cheerleader :santa2: cheerleader