This time (second since 2002) the iritis isn't so bad, mostly just some moderate light sensitivity (like opening the fridge, or a car with bright headlights makes me run for cover)

Nothing like the first time, when I had to wear an eye patch, and stayed under a blanket, any light at all was awful, needed a shot ultimately to get it under control eek2

Most people here seem to only get it in one eye or the other, I've noticed

I did get a little nervous though one night, with iritis in the left eye, then my right eye gunked up with blepharitis, but that ended up being a 24 hour thing, Optho told me to keep washing it, that worked, phew

I'm pretty confident the drops are going to be enough this time, now tapering off to 2 a day, from 1 every hour. Even went to the movies tonight!