Thanks Molly! Krav is slowly expanding all over the place. So perhaps one day they'll offer a class near you. :holly2:

Yes, I've learned to let the mud dry then sweep up is much easier and less stressful! rainbow He just loves running in and out to chase birdies, and butterflies, and kitties walking by. He loves kitties but they do NOT want to be friends with him. I suppose its his size and whining and hopping around the yard like a deer! eyes

Wow! Thats alotta snow!! We havent had snow over here in 16 yrs!! Flurries a few years back. That was it! sad We've had some low temps for december. I suspect we'll have some bad weather come jan and february. No open fire over here. I wish. no I do miss Illinois. Thats where I lived till I was about 6 years old. I have fond memories of walking to kinder with my momma in snow and I NEVER had problems with allergies over there! frown But the hospitality over here outweighs it..and Fiesta every year! cheerleader

Take care my friend..and keep warm!! hugss