Good evening team...Catchin up on stats...not sure if I posted last weeks..
Mon: 10/11/11 Krav bag: 60 min
Wed 10/13/11 KM II phase B: 150 min
This week:
Mon: Krav bag: 60 min
Wed: KM II Phase B: 150 min.
This is my 8th week of phase B and I am so so sore beyound belief. eyes I'm used to the usual bruising on my bony forearms. This week was unbelievably difficult. We went with our partners from room to room in simulated apartments as our instructors watch us from above and defend ourselves against stuffed dummies. They yell switch...we switch dummies. They yell "Go" then we head to the next room and so forth. The most challenging was the roundhouse kick defenses. They taught us how to defend ourselves with a simple move of our knee to block a kick. The painful part? My sweet partner is a former soccer player! eek2 My left femur is in unbelievable pain now. We also wore shinguards that didnt help much. We only have 8 weeks left to prove to the owner we can pull this off. If we do then he'll place a phase C into action. I am hobbling worse than usual but I refuse to give up just yet. IF I could ONLY survive the testing through this then I would rest and take a big breather knowing I made it into krav maga level III. But this is by far the most difficult work I've ever encountered as I am one bony clumsy little bug. eyes Leg work is not my strongest work. Hands, elbows, arms...I'm great with that. But my coordination with legwork is so heart for me to grasp. I dont have enough time to take another KM2 class during the week now that the hubby is working out of town for 2 wks at a time.

I am also busy trying to keep my stepdaddy optimisitc. Things took a turn for the worse and he had his leg amputated as they scheduled but he ended up getting an emergency blood transfusion a few days into physical therapy. It is absolutely hearbreaking to see my dad like this but I told him he brought us up to be strong and he will pull through this as he has alot left to do in his life. He's an amazing man with a laugh and sense of humor like no other. I hope and pray he heals fast.
Until next time my friends....bruised, tattered up, hobbling and shufflin' along buggy... rainbow go team go!! clap