Thursday morning Stats:
Jogging 1 mile..
30 min. more like FORCED to run...thanks to my overzealous 78lb+growing boxer Bubba! eyes

He's a great boy, and the weather was beautiful this and breezy. I had just dropped off the kiddos and was folding a bit of laundry when I bumped his leash that was hanging in there. He heard it and immediately sat down and put his paw could i refuse? heart

So off we went! We would have tried to walk or in least shuffle one more mile but just as we finished the first I kept hearing a very angry dog. Sure enough...another irresponsible dog owner. Had a very angry angry female pit digging into the concrete and trying to break free. The owner whereever they were decided to tie her to a staircase in front of their small apartment complex! mad no fence. and its a private owner complex. it would seem she wasnt too keen on seeing bubba gallop by. Bubba was completely oblivious..he was extremely happy! he wasnt jogging, he was galloping! he looked like a small pony! he was so content with the day..and there were high school students still coming into jeff late so he was intrigued by all the commotion. He loves kids. He scared a few but then they'd see him stop and wag his stump of a tail and knew he meant no harm. rainbow

so we decided to make a u-turn..should bubba decide to give this female pit goo goo eyes it would not end well! eyes away we went. i was dissapointed because we were having a grand time. but i did not feel comfy with the way the dog was pulling at the chain. bubba snapped his long ago just playing around so i know what can happen.

So to make up for it i played fetch with him for a good 20 min. more like chase bubba. he's so ridiculos. i am so glad the weather is dipping down tonight! i think we'll try the new doggie park this weekend at mcallister park! rainbow

bubba is laying down for a puppy power nap and so is buggie! goooo team!! cheerleader