I did 20km on the static bike in 59:43 minutes.
I cheated a little in that I lowered from level 4 to level 3 after 40 minutes, but nothing that will keep me from sleeping tonight.

On Saturday night at 12:40am The Pumas are playing the All Blacks. I´m a bit of a night owl, I might stay up and watch the 1st half. 2nd half viewing will depend on the 1st half lol.
So Tim, do the Argentines feel optimistic? Have the stars aligned to create that 1st ever victory over the Almighty Blacks.
Ireland have beaten them twice in three years since 2016 when we won for the 1st time against them. It was in Soldier Field Chicago of all places, a place most Irish people outside the US have never heard of, but now it is a place etched into Irish rugby folklore.
Los Jaguares have been good, maybe just maybe....