hi everyone! bug is back!
monday stats: KravMaga Level I self defense: 60 min
i finally got my gianna to attend. she enjoyed it. but we had to get in a group that asked us to join them..and 2 of them were big baffoons..that i'm reporting today. they seem to thrive on full throttle attacks. they wont hurt you but they come at you full force to show off. i'm 5'4 121 lbs and gg is 5'2' 127 lbs so i hardly think we'd rip them apart. one of them i dealt with a few months ago. and this confirmed it. we had to practice breaking out of a choke hold. now they didnt really choke us but were supposed to push us back a couple feet. one of these buffoons went like 15 feet with gianna! he didnt choke her but startled her. we have to have discipline in krav. we learn the moves then the speed. it was her FIRST class. i said what? the instructor caught him and told him to stop and get back in the circle. YET when it was MY turn..he pulls back away real quick. i think he think's i'll really elbow him or give him the rackaroni. IF i had seen it before my turn i might have!! mad g wasnt upset but she's a trooper. but still. i remember one of them popping me a couple months ago..and when it was my turn he pulled away and said thats enough...thats enough and i had just started and never made actual contact! i dont think he realized she's a kid AND i was her mom till afterwards!
needless to say looks like i have some buffoon kickin to handle today. just was a huge class last night and couldnt get a free moment with instructors. but i WILL today. gg is still interested and wants to continue so i'm happy for her! and hopefully she'll be my partner too! laugh2
we had 2 other new ladies..and they told us next time to join them...we will!!
okay...angry bug is off her soap box now! taking a power nap then off to krav this evening to do class and take care of business! lol eyes
ohhh...goooo teammmmm! cheerleader lol! i love this place too!! cheerleader