Wow, Coach Tinker, color and everything!

and I think you got the distance part for me right, 2000 yards, everyday since last week, except one day when didn't have time and only did 1000

I didn't give my time yet, because I wanted to confirm over several days that I was really the super speedy swimmer that it looks like:

My daily 107 laps, totalling about 2000 yards takes me just over 38 minutes.

And before anybody is overly impressed by that speed, I mean it is kinda true, I do concentrate and try to go in a straight direction and all, keep my eye on the line on the pool floor, and imagine that there will soon be cheers from the TV audience...

But don't forget that in our little pool, I am just barely finished pushing off from one end, swim like maybe three actual strokes, and it is time for another turn-around and push off, so that rocket-propulsion is why I am so fast! yes angel3d