The bug is back! Major plantar fascitis but she's here! wahoo I'm going to calamazoo!! laugh2 must be the 1/2 norco i just took. lol Plumb tired from a most excellent 42nd birthday yesterday with some cheesy enchiladas that took me as close to heavan as I could reach! heart And red velvet cake my beautiful teen made for me. Got some warmups for the cooler days for my birrrrfday! cheerleader

Wed stats:
Krav CB: 60 min

On a side note I am pleased to report that my right wrist was due to the AS monster and not's doing 95% better...and now my left is a bit puffy but not anywhere the same or same spot..just fluid. So I am pleased. Not that it's AS related but just that it wasnt something broken! rainbow

I may attempt to pull a few weeds..just a few tiny ones in between my ferns on the side of my house tomorrow at noon. Weather is divine! OR i could be a bug slug and watch History channel with Bubba my boxer again! laugh2 laugh2
GOOOOOOO TEAM!! You guys and gals are AMAZING!! U all ROCK as our ol friend Linc says...because there's folks at Krav that dont do as much as you all do!! I'm so proud of all of you all!! hugss luv slug bug laugh2