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KickAS Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

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All KickAS members will be expected to:

a) Conduct themselves in a respectful manner, which includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  1. The use of language suitable for all, including those of a young age or sensitive nature
  2. Consideration for the opinions, religions, nationalities, political views and treatment preferences of all other members
  3. The absence of abuse, discrimination, threats and harassment in any communication with participants.
  4. To seek and await the express permission of the site administration before registering additional username(s)
b) Refrain from publishing or transmitting any identifying information about others (eg: surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, photographs, etc.), in a manner that may be deemed derogatory, disparaging, potentially defamatory, or that may infringe on or otherwise violate the privacy or legal rights of:
  1. Any third party, physician, nurse, or other healthcare practitioner
  2. A registered member, or administrative team member, of
c) Uphold our long valued tradition of no-advertising!! Please do not add to the forums any content or URL links that seek to promote, solicit, or advertise for sales, nor post any volume messages (spam) which may interfere with the operation or enjoyment of, excepting:
  1. Personal website URL's are welcome on member profiles (but if business-related, should not appear in signature fields).
  2. Sponsorship requests for fund-raising efforts - to benefit arthritis-related, non-profit charity drives/events - are welcome, (with advanced notice to the team).
d) Post in accordance with any patent, trademark, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any party. Limit quotations to short excerpts only, citing the source and acknowledging due credit where possible - or provide administration with a copy of the author's permission to publish.

e) Be responsive of requests to modify posts, or provide sufficient evidence to the administration team as to why a post should be left unmodified

f) Provide the administration with feedback and suggestions as to further the development of

All KickAS members have the right to expect:

a) A safe and supportive environment where sufferers and their loved ones can share with - and learn from - the experiences of others coping with Ankylosing Spondylitis and other rheumatological conditions

b) Fair and unbiased treatment from the moderators and administrative team

c) Confidentiality in respect of any request sent from the moderators to modify a post deemed questionable by the administration

d) A confidential and clearly stated warning from the Chief Administrator in the event of:
  1. Frequent requests for modifications to posts
  2. Any other violation of the aforementioned expectations
e) That after two warnings, a third violation will result in immediate termination of Membership

The site Administration reserves the right to update the above conditions as deemed appropriate.

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