Hello friends!!
Tuesday stats:
Womens self defense km: 60 min
They split us up in 2 groups. each group had an attacker. Of course i ended up with our male instructor that is 240 lbs! eyes it went well though. i feel more confident in my moves and i am able to handle myself better without any stress on my joints and disabling attacker alot faster. yes considering the weather and sore as sore can be i'm content.
wed stats: alotta nada with a side order of zilchola! laugh2
freezing weather again. had to wrap all my big plants outside and shrubs that are more delicate. Bubba and I stayed in all day. I'm currently nursing a mini pin pup we named chiquita. I rescued her from g's high school parking lot. she avoided being hit about 3x before i opened my door and she jumped in. no collar or tags. emaciated. bubba walked up to her when i got home with his head down and put his paw up. he was a gentle 81lb giant to the 3lb pup. they were doing well eating well. she was even barking at nibbling at his nose. but she got sick 2 days ago. my father took her to the vet and she's had antibiotics, shots, fluids. she's at 60/40 now. breaks my heart. but giving her chicken broth by eye dropper and praying for the best. my kids love her already. she would have been hit or died from the freeze and seeing her like this is sad. but i'm keeping my hopes up and praying to st francis the patron saint of animals that she get through this. bubba is bored and is desperate for more company. heart luckily he has all his shots and is safe. vet cant figure out whats wrong with her. frown
AND i had to bring in my momma's huge 110+lab/boxer in right now. temp dropped down and she's whining outside. i think my mom fell asleep and forgot to bring her in. so i set her up in the laundry room. she's 16 1/2 yrs old and issues with hips and potty breaks so i have my fingers crossed theres no accidents till my mom is up at 430. eyes she was toasty by the dryer running and i put the block up so bubba wont harass her at all hours of the night. doh
thank God tomorrow is last day of school then off friday and monday for MLK day. kids are dragging with this weather and so is buggy !
Goooooooo team!! clap