aww geez sue..i just read your post and now i'm super hungry!! lol!! laugh2
the best i had was homemade chicken soup last week! lol. i'm hoping to make some caldo de pescado this week. fish soup. sounds scary but verrrrry yummy. i dont know ..but i think its the omega stuff ...every time i eat it..i feel so invigorated and like an energy boost of some sort for a couple of days... rainbow

right now i'm dragging bug wings...strong winds..i am HOPING rain as all weekend i suffered from hands. my right thumb is a mess. it hurts to bend it from knuckle below fingernail to the bigger knuckle below puffy and stiff. blegh! hoping doc soon but have to catch up on kids new school uniforms and supplies and registration transfer--Gianna lost a book. grrr. but with art working now we are inching towards sanity money wise again....its an unbelievable feeling to be able to go to grocery store and just do regular budget shopping and not chew my fingernails from lack of coins this whole year he was laid off.

take care! buggie heart